best furniture designs

  1. Statement floors and ceilings

Look away from your walls and up at your ceiling. Gone are the days when walls were the only way to transform a room with paint or wallpaper. More and more, design enthusiasts are leaving their walls alone and turning to wallpaper, tile and paint to turn their ceiling into the focal point of their room. From bold block tones to quirky geometric patterns, and anything in between, there are hundreds of designs you can consider. Likewise, for your floor, think beyond classic tiles. Look at inlays, geometric or patterned tiles and contrasting grout (black grout against white tiles, or vice versa, can be a sight to behold) as options to highlight the bottom half of your room.

Living room design

  1. Black magic

Black seldom disappoints and can add instant oomph and drama to a characterless room. Granted, black can be an intimidating choice if you’re afraid of having your room swallowed in moody darkness. But in the right dose, you’ll be surprised with what you get. Pair black with neutrals to create a contrast and to help inject light into your room. Charcoal kitchens are poised to be all the rage in home trends 2019. Consider black counters, black cabinets, black lighting fixtures and black accents to conjure black magic in your cooking area.

Modern living room design

  1. Terrazzo

Remember the chip-flecked polished tiles from the good old days (possibly in your grandparents’ home)? That was terrazzo – a kind of midcentury tile most favored before it was cool (and edgy). Terrazzo was a de facto floor fixture in old-style homes, but it’s set to make a comeback and how! Crafted from a combination of glass, granite, marble and quartz chips pressed and polished into smooth cement or resin, terrazzo is now considered an uber-luxe alternative to typical floor choices like vitrified, porcelain and ceramic. With new-age designs on the market, there’s a slew of options to choose from.

  1. Warm and earthy neutrals

Get ready to bid adieu to frosty greys and cool whites, and embrace warm and inviting beiges, taupes and browns. Warm colors with fleshier, pinker undertones are set to see a revival this coming year. Perfect, we think, to turn your home interiors into a warm and welcoming haven.

best furniture designs

  1. Head-turning doors

What’s in a door? Well, turns out, quite a lot. Doors are increasingly being turned into wall statements, with neon colors, creative doormats, and whimsical designs becoming popular options. The only downside? You might never want to open one.

  1. Heavy metal

Yep, 2019 is about to pop with metallic designs for accents and accessories. And you’ll be surprised with the finishes you find. While rose and yellow gold are already popular choices, copper and metals with red and orange undertones will emerge as frontrunners in decor. Copper vessels have long been favored for their health-promoting properties in Indian kitchens, so you have more reason than one to make the switch.

Dinning room design

  1. Curvy furniture

Sinewy curves and tapered flourishes are about to be one of 2019’s hottest trends – in furniture. Big, bulky sofas are increasingly being replaced by curvy, characterful divans, daybeds, chaise lounges, and other designs. No longer are these reserved for formal seating arrangements; they are slowly becoming mainstays even in informal lounges, lending understated elegance and glam.

modern furniture design

simple furniture design

If you’re contemplating a decor overhaul, set yourself up for success with these top interior design trends. With a look into the new year, you can prime your home for the years to come and give it a fabulous, futuristic flourish.

Source – Designcafe